The link below lists many of the most commonly used mixes at Marshall, the application the mixes are used for, and a brief description of the mix. We have hundreds of mixes to pick from, so if you don’t see what you want here, just call us and tell us what you need and we’ll be able to suggest a mix for you


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3/4″ Granite
D.O.T. approved aggregate. Extremely non-porous, hard aggregate. Must be properly finished and cured for best results



3/4″ Gravel
Standard aggregate in Ramsey, St. Paul and Minneapolis. D.O.T. approved materials. Some popouts may occur.



1/2″ Gravel
Used in some stamp mixes, some pump mixes, 1/2″ exposed aggregate mixes and other specialty mixes. Only available in Ramsey and St. Paul



3/8″ Gravel
Used in some stamp mixes, line pump mixes, 3/8″ exposed aggregate mixes, core fill mixes and other specialty mixes