At Marshall, our emphasis has been providing high quality block for residential, light commercial and industrial applications. We stock a full line of common block sizes and shapes including rock face blocks, in full-high and modular heights. Specialty blocks can be obtained through advanced custom orders as well.

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Quality Block

Many customers tell us that our blocks ring true, and are higher quality than our competitors. Remember, Marshall doesn’t skimp on cement! We use only the best materials to create a better block product. We also cure our block according to best practices. In the words of our customers: “Marshall makes great block!”

Skilled and Helpful Drivers

Now more than ever, concrete block products are being supplied by big box stores. These suppliers do not have the high quality products or excellent service we provide. We have customer service professionals, block delivery drivers, and yard staff who understand concrete block. We know the product, how it is used, and where it needs to be placed on your jobsite. Don’t waste your time. Go with the pros at Marshall. We have an experienced staff that knows block and can get you what you need, when you need it, and placed where it needs to go.


Marshall Concrete Products manufactures concrete blocks locally, in Hutchinson MN. What this means to you is competitive pricing, coupled with over 100 years of experience creating and delivering block products. With Marshall, you will have what you need, when you need it, placed by professionals who care.


Our delivery fleet consists of 35 foot telescopic boom trucks as shown above. These booms often mean the difference between spending a day moving block and a day laying block. We understand that true productivity is when the blocks are being laid; our placement sets us apart from the rest. We also have several all-wheel drive boom trucks, which can be a major asset on the toughest jobs.