Boom Pumps have a placement range from 28 to 44 meters. Most mixes pump well through boom pumps, but make sure our dispatch team is aware that your concrete is being pumped before the delivery, when ordering. Marshall works hand in hand with several suppliers to provide pumping services if needed. Lean on us to set up and schedule any pump needs that you may have.


Boom pumps are mounted on large trucks, and require at least as much space and carrying capacity as ready mix trucks. Overhead wires and trees need to be out of the operating area of the boom. Most pump companies will not position a boom over a building to pump behind the building. Check with dispatch to get an estimate on cost and availability. Be aware that the use of reducers at the end of the pump line may require special, reduced aggregate size mixes.

Some applications that require placement cannot be completed with a boom pump. In some cases, a trailer or line pump can be employed to place concrete. Generally, a 2″ or 3″ line or hose is used to pump the concrete. These pumps need special mixes to pump concrete successfully, so make sure your concrete supplier is aware that a trailer or line pump will be pumping on the job.

Often we can place concrete without either a boom or line pump, and instead employs several mixer mounted conveyors.

These conveyors can place concrete 50′ from the back or side of the truck, and can haul up to 6.5 yards of concrete at a time. For bigger jobs, additional trucks can discharge onto the conveyor provided that the additional trucks can back up beside the conveyor truck. Conveyors typically cost about half as much to rent as pump trucks, so in many cases conveyors make more sense. See the conveyor page for more information here.

Call Dispatch at: 612-789-4305 for all of your pump related needs.