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Ordering Concrete

When you are ready to order concrete, just call us at 612-789-4305. We need to know:

  • what mix you want,
  • how many yards you need,
  • the address of the delivery,
  • your preferred time
  • make payment arrangements at the time of placing the order

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also accept checks if the check has the delivery address printed on it. We will accept cash payment for concrete, however the cash must be paid before unloading begins.

More information, telephone
Dispatch: 612-789-4305
Helpful Suggestions and Tips
Not Ready to Order, Wish to Make Plans

If you are not yet ready to place your order, there are several more pages you may want to visit before calling us. While it isn't necessary to visit these pages, we find that being familiar with the information contained on these pages can often help your concrete project go more smoothly.
Suggested Mixes
If You Are New to Ordering Concrete
Guidelines for Durable Concrete
Equipment Options

Contact Us

Or Call Us At: 612-789-4305